The late Cadillac CTS V-series cars have proven to be an incredible bunch, especially since a new V-series coupe and wagon (!) are joining in on the fun. But we have to ask, what if these varied models were introduced during the CTS’s first generation run?

To answer this question, we drew up two models that would represent a likely design approach for a previous generation CTS-V Coupe and … STS-V Sport Wagon?

We understand that the STS is getting way long in the tooth, but admittedly we’ve always really liked the look of the car. A visual cross between old-money DTS and a late-model CTS-V, our eyes were ready to diverge from the comparatively lukewarm stance of the first-generation CTS and move over to creating a cargo-hauling variant of the meaty STS-V.

We like what we see, and we actually kind of want it. Anybody know a good mod garage that could cook this thing up for us?

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