Based on recent spy-shots of the new set of tires roaming around BMW’s headquarters, we figured we should take a stab at a few renderings of the up and coming 2012 Mini Coupe to expose what might be under all of the swirly camo vinyl. We particularly liked the new Mini’s profile in concept form, although it will be decidedly less functional for anyone with more than a spouse or single friend to ride shotgun, save for a few grocery bags to throw under the hatch.

Here you’ll see three color variations: red on black, white on red and (our new favorite) white on metallic brown. Although we’ll never really know the true color combinations available for the new Coupe, we’re slowly but surely warming up to the new barrette-look the car offers. It’ll surely prove to be a fun purchase for those who need a small car to throw around town yet refuse to buy into a vehicle of the Smart namesake.

Even cooler, the recent spy photos reveal a retracting spoiler built into the the top of the trunk lid. We’re excited to see this once it goes on sale here in the US this Fall.

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