RENDERED: 2014 LAMBO AVENTADOR ROADSTER Posted Feb. 26, 2011 by Steve

The now world awaits the official reveal of the Murci replacement, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. From the recent hot-orange leaked images of the supercar, we think things look pretty promising (understatement?) and are in love with the forward-thinking design cues speculatively taken from the bodacious Reventón and recent facelifts of the Gallardo. We can only wish that this lands in our dream garages one day.

But what happens when we're suddenly offered the opportunity of an Aventador of the roadster variation?

You see, there is a special place in our hearts reserved for the lustful roadster variants of any scissor-door Lambo (of course we thoroughly enjoy the Gallardo Spyder as well ... I mean, who doesn't?), so a topless Aventador just seems like a reasonable second-step for this particular vehicle when we end up crossing that bridge. Sure, major components of the new carbon fiber cabin shell will have to be completely reworked to allow for this, so here's our official statement: Lamborghini, start planning.

We have rendered two views of what an Aventador Roadster could look like, at least while carrying over existing bodywork and proportions everywhere but the engine cover and roofline. Just imagine a silky, pearly bright-white finish with a two-tone black/white leather interior. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Once Lamborghni decides to share further details and images of the Aventador (hopefully next week), we'd like to provide perhaps a few more images that render our suggestions for roofing options, only since previous Murciélago Roadster roofing contraptions seemed to be less than convenient. See that small white panel behind the cabin? We imagine a body panel that lifts up electronically to reveal a lightweight folding soft top for those rain-out-of-nowhere situations. Additionally, we really like the idea of a semi-permanent roof option that owners could install during winter months or prolonged need for dependable protection from the elements.

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